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About Us


Our mission at Fourth District Elementary School is to provide opportunities for students to achieve lifelong skills, attitudes, and social behaviors that will enable them to learn and grow to their greatest potential.  We strive to create a safe and caring school which allows each individual student to have positive learning experiences.


FDES is committed to the...


Development of



in a CHILD FIRST environment.


Fourth District Elementary School believes...

  • a quality student learning is the primary focus in promoting student achievement.


  • each student is a unique, valued individual who can learn and thereby achieve success.


  • fostering positive character development enhances student achievement and personal responsibility.


  • a cooperative relationship among the school, parents, and community is the foundation of a successful school experience.


  • maintaining an atmosphere conducive to students' safety, comfort, and security enhances the learning environment.


  • intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth are integral to personal success.


  • effective teachers actively engage and challenge all students.


  • superior expectations generate superior results.


  • students share responsibility for learning.


  • the appropriate use of technology complements the learning environment.